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PRODUCTS / Industrial Cooling Systems

Negative temperature cold-stores
Wide range of cold-stores with negative temperatures, from 5 m3 to high self-supporting or robotized structures of even 18.000 m3

Refrigerated cold-stores
Any kind of positive temperature cold-stores, from 5 m3 for small bakeries or restaurant kitchens to storage facilities of fresh meat, fruit, cheese, or any other product for whose conservation controlled temperature is a must.

Deep-freezing tunnels
Quick deep-freezing tunnels for a wide range of uses, from 500 kg/day to continuous processes of 40.000 kg/ day

Airing tunnels
Quick cooling tunnels for cattle from slaughterhouse

Working areas
Packhouses, bakeries and any other working areas which require controlled temperature, at the same time preserving the most comfortable working conditions of the staff, and being particularly careful with the air flow speed inside.